What Is Affiliate Marketing?


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Do you know that you can earn money recommending products on your blog? It is called affiliate marketing and it is one of the main ways to get passive income online. You just have to discover the niche of products that best fits your web project.

We have already talked on the blog in several ways – more or less effective – of making money online . One of the most successful entries continues to be my analysis of Textbroker and my guide to sell your designs in Redbubble has also been well received. So it seems a good time to address another of the ways to earn passive income online, affiliate marketing (Evergreen Wealth Formula 2.0 review).

By the way, obtaining passive income means establishing mechanisms to then make money without dedicating more effort. Do not confuse with not dedicating any effort. To generate passive income you always have to work hard and affiliate marketing is no exception. It is not “free money”, nor is it a bargain, distrust who sells you “motorcycles”.

What a way to take away the desire to read the article, right? For nothing, affiliate marketing is more than interesting (that’s why I dedicate an entry), but the world is full of sales and is not my thing.

Let’s not doubt that affiliate marketing is one of the most stable ways to make money online along with advertising (Adsense). But to achieve this, we have to find the right product for the right target, become a reference on that subject and position well.

What’s affiliates marketing?

Affiliate marketing is about promoting third-party products on your website . Although at the time of talking about it, it is very possible that we use the term “sell”, we do not sell, but we induce the sale. Basically the idea is that you are an online merchant and, when you get a sale for others, you take a commission.

Technically, the system is that simple:

  • The visitor enters your website and there is a link that leads to a product purchase page .
  • This link has a personalized code that identifies you, so the store knows that you are the customer sending it to you.
  • If your visitor makes the purchase, you take a commission .

The above definition is generic, because each company with an affiliate program (Evergreen Wealth Formula 2.0 review) can put the clauses that it deems appropriate . For example, there are programs that only support links on web pages, others that also support social networks or links sent by email, etc. Likewise, the duration of the cookie varies. That is, the valid time since the user first clicks on the link until you can make the purchase with commission for you. It can be a day, a 5, a month what the store decides. Finally, each company offers the percentages you want, either 5% or 20% commission, for example.

Important, you do not take a penny for the visitor to see your recommendation or even click (this is not Adsense). It only gives money the purchase within the established term.